Substance 5-MeO-DMT

Experience - First time
Setting - my bedroom

I had just recently gotten some 5-MeO-DMT. It has been a psychedelic I've been interested in for some time. However the effects really intimidate me. From what I had heard and read in reports it seems to be a very frightening experience. After receiving this chemical, I felt even more anxious about trying it.

I decide the best course of action would be to try a very low dose and work my way up. I would rather get a feel for things rather than have them come full blast and scare me away from it. I carefully weighed out 2-3mg. I put it on a piece of tin foil with a straw right above it. I then held a lighter underneath the foil and sucked down the vapor.

2:20PM - The vapor goes down into my lungs. It doesn't burn nearly as bad as I had been told. It also isn't too foul of a taste.

2:20.20 - I already feel the effects. I predicted at this dose I would possibly feel I had a chemical in me, but this is more than that.

2:20.30 - I hear a bell sound. I then realize it is not a bell, but my heart beat. It has seemed to increase tremendously. But rather than a thump, it is a ringing. There is a strong body feeling now. It almost feels as though I'm shedding my skin. I feel as though I being wiped clean.

2:21 - The effects increase. My head feels like it is expanded and then contracting at a fast rate, almost like a balloon being filled and then released. Mental effects are not present though.

2:22 - Effects continue. It feels like I have been like this for ages, but the clock says 2 minutes. I look back and forth. Everything looks normal except it seems to move towards me and away along with the contractions of my head.

2:23 - Effects are tapering. This lasted shorter than I had expected. I was thinking it would go for 5-10 minutes. But I assume this was due to my low dose. The bell sound of my heart persists but the feeling in my head is fading now.

2:25 - Main effects have left but I still feel different. I feel VERY large as I walk around my house. I feel like I do not fit. My hands also feel very far from my body. Sounds seem a bit distorted as well.

2:45 - I feel completely normal.

I was rather shocked by how I felt off such a low dose. I had been told I should try 6mg my first time. I am glad I picked 2mg though. The effects were strong, but not necessarily intense. On the net, it says that a threshold dose is 1-2mg smoked. I definitely experienced more than what I would consider threshold effects. I'm writing this a little before 3PM. I have been feeling sober for roughly 15 minutes now.

I wonder why this was so much for such a low dose. Perhaps I am just very sensitive to 5-MeO-DMT. Regardless, I am very glad I started small.

I think some more trials are definitely in order with this bizarre chemical.